Top 12 SUGAR POP Nail Polishes For Dusky Skin

Top 12 SUGAR POP Nail Polishes For Dusky Skin

What’s fun, flirty and fabulous always? Of course it’s nail polish! But if you’ve been stuck in a loop with the same old nail polish colours, we think it’s time for a mani update! Look no further than SUGAR POP’s latest nail polish steals that are 100% cruelty-free, pocket friendly and flood you with irresistible colour options to choose from. Plus they are high on the affordability and will give you the most gorgeous manicure without breaking your bank. Sounds like a deal? But before we help you pick out the trendiest shades of nail polish for dusky skin, let's take a look at what you need to keep in mind for choosing the best nail polish colours for dark skin.

Know Your Undertone

If you are a makeup fanatic, you must have heard the word undertone a zillion times! Not to forget the 101s of colour theory. But if you are a newbie, let us quickly introduce you to this concept that governs all foundation, concealer and lipstick choices! Generally, there are three undertones – warm, cool and neutral. Cool undertones are characterised by blue or purplish veins on the wrists whereas green veins dominate warm undertones. If you have a mix of both green and blue veins, your undertone is neutral. Most dusky beauties belong to the warm undertone category although a few cool or neutral undertone exceptions do exist. 

Know Your Skin Type

To pick the perfect nail polish that suits dark skin, make sure to put your skin texture and moisture levels under tight scrutiny. If you have dry skin, it is best to avoid shades that are shimmery and reflect light flecks. Pearly nail polish for dusky skin that is rough and flaky text is also a choice best avoided. If premature signs of ageing like wrinkles have already hit your hands, steer clear of dark nail polish shades. Instead opt for light, fresh and elegant shades that will impart a youthful look to your hands.

The Best SUGAR POP Nail Polish Shades For Dusky Skin

Blue Bliss

sugar pop blue nail polish


Ask us about a nail polish that suits dark skin and we will promptly recommend the fifth colour from the rainbow hues! One of the best matches for duskier complexions, a striking cobalt blue or a soothing aquamarine shade on the nails looks bold, bright and beautiful, always.

We recommend:

Shades Of Red 

sugar pop red nail polish


When Audrey Hepburn said “there is a shade of red for every woman”, she wasn’t wrong. A symbol of passion and power, grab a few red shades of nail polish for dark skin to make a fierce and unapologetic fashion statement. 

We recommend:

Pastel Power

sugar pop pastel nail lacquer


Subtle shades like pastel tints mesh amazingly well with dark skin tones. If you are searching for a nail polish that suits dark skin, consider a classic and softer touch to your manicure. Minty greens, lilting lavenders and buttery blues will definitely look super flattering. 

We recommend:

Nude Mania

sugar pop brown nail polish


Although nude nail polish for dark skin tones have been given a bad rap for falling flat, we think coating your nails with the right shade of nude can truly make them pop. Plus, if you have a minimalistic approach towards beauty, nude nail polishes will totally be the IT thing for you!

We recommend:

Goth Chic

sugar pop black nail lacquer


There honestly isn’t a shade in the colour spectrum that brown skinned beauts cannot pull off. If you are a sucker for unconventional choices, take the gothic glam route and give your nails a dark and sultry twist. While blacks and grays seem like the obvious picks, do try a blood red or deep maroon for channelling super sexy vibes!

We recommend:

Pink Prowess

sugar pop pink nail polish


Talking of nail polish for dusky skin, one simply cannot miss out on a vivid bright manicure upgrade with a brilliant pink shade. A fresh burst of bubbly cheer on your nails, pink is a staple and ever dependable nail polish for dark skin tones.

We recommend:

Tips For The Perfect At-Home Manicure:

sugar pop nail strengthening base coat

  • Before you reach out for these poppin’ shades for your nails, remember to coat your nails with a base coat to help your nail polish adhere better. Buy the SUGAR POP Strengthening Base Coat - Price ₹99
  • Always maintain your nail length and shape with regular trimming and shaping. If you have long fingers, consider getting longer nails. Short squared or almond shaped nails look great on most people
  • Always apply a cuticle cream on your nails post manicure 

Hurry, what are you waiting for? Grab these shades quickly before they are gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What summery nail colours will look good on dark skin?
A. You can try orange hues, neon yellows and greens for summer days.

Q. Can I wear white nail polish on dark skin?
A. Yes, white nail polish works well with dark skin tones too. Don’t forget to add a few artistic details to make it stand out.

Q. What nail polish colours would suit dark skinned feet?
A. Shades of red, tangerine and brown make for a beautiful and chic pedicure. If you would love to colourfully tip-toe your way, consider using shades of green, blue and pink for your feet. 

Q. How to choose perfect nail colours for your skin tone?
A. For the perfect set of nails matched with fair skin tones, try shades of grey, nude pink, beige and ivory. For medium and olive skin tones, pastels, neons and taupe brown and nudes work well. If you are dark skinned beauty, avoid going with a colour that is too whitish in appearance. Instead choose deep shades like brown, purple and mauve pinks for a classy look. 

Written By: Ciyona Fernandes

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