Best SUGAR POP Nude Nail Polish Shades To Shop Right Now

Best SUGAR POP Nude Nail Polish Shades To Shop Right Now

If you are a serial nail polish stasher you definitely have a soft corner for nude nail polish shades. They truly are the unsung heroes of your mani pedi set. Firstly, you never have to worry if it matches your OOTD, they don’t look ugly when they chip off, and they'll never leave behind a stain on your nails that takes three weeks to fade away. But finding your correct shade of nude can be hard, or might we say, as hard as finding the right nude lipstick. That being said, it is obvious why  it is so important to get your nude nails just right. 

How To Choose The Best Nude Nail Polish

The first rule of choosing nude nail polish shades is to never go for a colour that’s an exact match with your skin tone. You would want to go two shades darker or lighter and play around with shades that's the same as your undertone.

A cool undertone has a pink or blue base, a warm undertone has a yellow base, a neutral undertone has both cool and warm bases, and an olive undertone has a green base. When you have that figured out, find nude nail polish shades that match your skin tone.

Fair Skin 

If you have fair skin, your undertones will have shades of pink and blue. If you are trying to neutralize the redness around your fingers, look for peach or pink nude nail polish shades

Medium Skin

Because peach shades blend pinks and whites, they have a warm tone. A warm polish undertone complements the medium skin tone. Pick a mauve undertone polish for a cool-toned complexion.

Olive Skin

If you have yellow or green undertones in your skin, choose warm beige shades to balance them out. Choose a light colour nail paint if you have cool or darker olive skin. 

Dark Skin

Use creamy almond nudes if you have warm undertones to enhance your hands' warmth. You can also play off the blue tones in your skin by using rosy nude nail polish if you have cooler undertones. Not sure where to start with neutral undertones? Browns with medium tones are a good choice.

Deep Skin

You should avoid grayish beige colors since they tend to wash out deeper skin tones. You should choose rich, deep browns and colors with a hint of red or orange hues, as they will complement your undertone due to their warmth.

Top 5 SUGAR POP Nude Nail Polish Shades To Shop For

Pink Nude Nail Polish

sugar pop nail polish spring bloom

Our nail lacquer in the shade 01 Spring Bloom is a soft pink shade that looks beautiful on most skin tones. And for those that aren’t really sure about reclining towards nudes can still have the comfort of the hints of pink. If you are light skin toned, it won’t look washed out because of the hints of pink and it will complement the medium skin tone too as it's beigey enough. 

Buy: SUGAR POP Nail Lacquer 01 Spring Bloom MRP: ₹129

Beige Nude Nail Polish

sugar pop nail polish baked bae

Our lacquer in the shade 19 Baked Bae looks ethereally beautiful on warm undertones. The hints of peach and yellow undertones in the polish works well on olive to medium skin tones. Besides being a go to pick for the warm undertones, the gel-like finish of the lacquer will give you a fresh salon-like finish. 

Buy: SUGAR POP Nail Lacquer 19 Baked Bae MRP: ₹129

Brown Nude Nail Polish

sugar pop nail polish brown town

When the list is about nude nail polish shades, a stunning brown nude shade needs a special mention. Browns are neutral, warm, and give your mani a chic edit. Dark skin tone may want to avoid brown as it can look washed out. But if you have an olive base, this beautiful brown will look extremely gorgeous. 

Buy: SUGAR POP Nail Lacquer 29 Brown Town MRP: ₹129

Subtle Warm Nail Polish 

sugar pop nail polish silk stockings

Nude nail polish shades are great when you need to coat your nails with colour but hate updating the colour every two days. If you’ve been searchin’ for an everyday shade that keeps your nails looking super clean and freshly manicured, opt for a warm chestnut like our Silk Stockings. 

Buy: SUGAR POP Nail Lacquer 08 Silk Stockings MRP: ₹129

Pink Nude Nail Polish

sugar pop nail polish bubblegum dreams

Pink is the new nude nail polish shade and we are here for it. To add a pop of colour, you can opt for nude nail paints with pink hues. In essence, this nude-pink polish acts as a blush for your nails by giving them just enough color to give them a soft flush.

Buy: SUGAR POP Nail Lacquer 02 Bubblegum Dreams MRP: ₹129

On days you want to switch up from the nude nail polishes, glam up your nails with the SUGAR POP Nail Lacquer that comes in 31 stunning shades. One for every occasion and OOTD! It boasts of pigment-rich, intense formula that dries in a jiffy. Available in bold to subtle shades, our lacquers are vegan and cruelty-free.

Written By: Ciyona Fernandes

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