What Is the Difference Between Nail Lacquer And Nail Polish

What Is the Difference Between Nail Lacquer And Nail Polish

Same same but different!

If you have struggled with figuring out the different types of foundation, concealer and face powders, we are sure the nail lacquer vs nail polish debate threw you off balance. And for those of you who are still stuck on “what is nail lacquer”, here’s some good news. We investigated the curious case of this puzzling topic that has been trending in the beauty space and found the answers for you. Read on as we find out what a nail lacquer is and the differences that exist between a nail lacquer and a nail polish. 

What Is Nail Polish?

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Of course you wouldn’t hit google up with a “what is nail polish” query but did you know that it isn’t entirely a contemporary beauty staple? A type of nail enamel or nail varnish used to “polish” nail beds, the history of nail polish dates back to 3000 BC with its origin in China! A sign of aristocracy, nail polishes were also in vogue across Egyptian, Middle Eastern and European cultures. Widely known today for its matte, chrome, metallic and gel variations, ancient Chinese civilizations got really creative in the yesteryears with vegetable dyes, beeswax and egg whites!

What Is Nail Lacquer?

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One quick search on the internet on “what is nail lacquer” and you will know that a nail lacquer is actually a glossier and pigmented update on the nail polish! Formulated with solvent-based coatings like ethyl acetate, or butyl, this modern day reincarnation of the nail polish has amassed massive popularity in the beauty community. Stylists and manicurists swear by nail lacquers, especially because of their top notch finish and formula. Needless to say, we are hella hearts too, especially for SUGAR Pop’s range of best selling nail lacquers to score the best manicure for our nails. 

What Is Nail Lacquer Used For?

Ask us what nail lacquer is and we will tell you they literally nail polishes that went abroad for education. Just kidding! Derived from the French word “lacre” that denotes a sealant wax, nail lacquers enhance the look of your nails by giving them a gorgeous makeover through colour and shine just like nail polishes. In fact, nail lacquers also aim at lengthening the stay of your manicure and are available in top coat and base coat forms that yield better results. 

Difference Between Nail Lacquer And Nail Polish

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Although nail polish and nail lacquer seem to be two peas in a pod, it technically isn’t. However on a hair-splitting note, the differences are subtle to say the least. Nail lacquers are thicker in consistency to traditional nail polishes and hence last longer. Since chipped nails are a big no-no, applying a nail lacquer will ensure you don’t have to resort to constant touch-ups on your nails. If you are a fan of glazed and gel finishes, opt for a nail lacquer to add a fine touch to your nails. Nail lacquers also have a quicker drying time vis-à-vis generic nail polishes and don’t need curing under UV lights for fast drying. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is One Better With Certain Colours?

A. No! Nail polishes and nail lacquers are widely compatible with all shades from the colour spectrum.

Q. Do they Last The Same Amount Of Time?

A. Nail lacquers in comparison to nail polishes have a thicker consistency and hence last longer than the latter.

Q. Which One Should You Use With Brittle Nails?

A. Since nail lacquers are heavier in terms of the chemical composition, it’s best to stick to nail polishes for brittle nails. 

Q. Can You Use Nail Polish Remover On Nail Lacquer?

A. Yes, you can use your regular nail polish remover to remove nail lacquer. However  we recommend using our SUGAR Pop Nail Lacquer Remover for best results.

Q. Are They Both Easy To Use At Home?

A. Nail lacquers and nail polishes are easy and user-friendly for at-home nail experiments. However, we recommend quick drying nail lacquers for beginners to avoid nail colour smudges. 

Q. Can You Use Nail Lacquer On Gel Nails?

A. No, nail lacquer should not be used on gel nails as it can interfere with the existing colour on your nail beds. 

Q. What Is The Difference In Price?

A. Generally, nail lacquers are a tad bit more expensive than most traditional nail polishes.

Q. How To Spot The Difference Between The Two?

A. While shopping for nail lacquers or nail polishes, take a look at the label to know what product you are picking up. If the ingredients list mentions polyurethane or similar chemicals, it is usually a nail lacquer. 

Written By: Damayanti Ray

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