BB Cream Vs CC Cream – Know The Difference!

BB Cream Vs CC Cream – Know The Difference!
Here's all the info you need on these makeup essentials.
A little trip down memory lane and you would reminisce how BB creams and CC creams were destined to be the next big thing in makeup. Cut to the age of no-makeup makeup looks and you would know how these skincare makeup hybrids have become our favourite go-tos. But if you thought these complexion heroes are makeup twins, you are mistaken. Obvious differences between the two that form the premise of the BB cream vs CC cream battle. Taking the right pick amongst these two makeup marvels is central for your skin type and concerns. Below, we’ve covered the ABCs of these face creams and what distinguishes them from one another. Read on.

What Are The Benefits Of BB Cream?


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BB cream aka beauty balm aka blemish balm offers a number of perks. An all in one base product, BB creams deliver hydration and coverage together. A primer-foundation - moisturizer multi-tasker, BB creams also offer sun protection through its SPF content. Lighter in coverage than most traditional foundations, BB creams are great for evening out your skin tone and covering up minor blemishes and dark spots. In case you didn’t know, some BB creams are also infused with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide and witch hazel extracts that shield our skin from oxidative damage. Case in point – our SUGAR POP SPF 30 + BB Cream that delivers a flawless and radiant look with superb skincare benefits!

What Are The Benefits Of CC Cream? 


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Also known as “complexion corrector”, CC creams as their name suggests addresses issues related to redness, hyperpigmentation and blotchy skin. Lauded for its colour corrective functions, CC creams also neutralise skin imperfections like acne, rosacea and sunburn. Great for the barely-there makeup look, CC creams are apt for disguising dark circles and blemishes through its buildable coverage. Much akin to a BB cream, CC creams work in a similar way for our complexion and promote radiance and hydration through its skin-friendly ingredients. 

What’s The Difference Between BB Cream and CC Cream?

Speaking of the big BB cream vs CC cream debate, the most striking difference between the two lies in their texture and subsequently their coverage. BB creams in comparison to CC creams are heavier in texture and offer a sheer coverage. CC creams on the other hand are characterised by a lightweight texture but deliver a buildable medium to full coverage. Although CC creams are great picks for blemished skin, they are primarily meant to be applied under a foundation. BB creams however are a compact package and are versatile in delivering a natural makeup look without a hint of foundation. 

How To Apply BB Cream And CC Cream?

Applying BB creams and CC creams for the perfect dewy and natural makeup look is a cakewalk. Both the base products perform moisturizing and priming functions hence you can just dot them on your face and blend it out evenly with a brush, sponge or just your fingertips! 

BB Cream Vs CC Cream : What Should You Pick?

To answer the million dollar question when it comes to the BB cream vs CC cream faceoff, the key to picking up the right product depends on your skin type and needs. For dry skin types, we recommend opting for a BB cream that is high on the hydration factor and brightens up your face for a glowy look. Plus if you are blessed with minimal pigmentation and spots, BB cream will be the right fit for an upbeat flawless base. For those dealing with oily and acne ridden skin, CC cream is the best bet due to its oil-free formula, matte texture and colour corrective feature. 

BB Cream And CC Cream Vs Foundation

Both BB creams and CC creams fare high on the practicality and wearability when compared to foundations. The love child of skincare and makeup, these complexion heroes require minimum efforts and deliver maximum results when it comes to a natural base. Foundations on the other hand are thicker, heavier and offer greater coverage but are best reserved for special occasions. 

BB Cream And CC Cream Vs Tinted Moisturizer

If you didn’t know, tinted moisturizers are lightly pigmented with skin tints and moisturize the skin with the sheerest coverage possible. BB creams and CC creams on the other hand offer higher coverage than tinted moisturizer and prime, hydrate and protect the skin with SPF, unlike tinted moisturizers. 

And that was all on your BB cream vs CC cream masterclass. Let us know which one is your favourite and why!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are BB creams? 

A. BB creams are beauty balms that can be used instead of heavy foundations for a natural radiant look. They are a great base product and complement most skin types, skin tones and can be used by anyone regardless of their age.

Q. Can I use BB creams on mature skin?

A. Yes. BB creams are formulated with skin-friendly and protective antioxidant ingredients like niacinamide, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, etc that hydrate and plump up skin and don't look cakey. 

Q. How to use CC cream?

A. CC creams can be worn under foundation or just alone. Simply take a small amount on your fingertips and dot it on your face. Blend with your fingers or a soft brush or beauty sponge for a seamless finish.

Q. Which one is the best for oily skin? 

A. You can opt for both BB creams or CC creams depending on their texture and formula for oily skin. Since mattifying base makeup is recommended for oily skin types, choose a BB cream that provides a matte finish. CC creams will work well too for your oily skin as they are generally lightweight and have less emollient properties. Plus, if you have acne marks and scars, your CC cream can definitely cover it up for you.

Written By: Damayanti Ray

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